How TikTok Holds Our Attention

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    Sara Sanchez

    I have never used the app Tik Tok but enjoy the content that is reposted through instagram and twitter as it the content that is reposted is humorous. Many, including myself, consider it like an old app called Vine; Both were video based apps created with the intention of entertainment & humor & appealed mainly to younger people. Although widely known for its humorous content, Tik Tok can be notable for people using either humor or appearances to gain popularity from the app. Due to either, their audience from the app gives the content creators a platform in which the creator may use this to further spread their controversial and/or negative beliefs. The article also speaks on how it uses its algorithm to show it’s audience content they will like so that they may remain part of their audience. This did not surprise me as I know many apps secure our information in order to show us advertisements that will appeal to us.

    Nika Medilishi

    <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Though I’ve never used TikTok myself, I have several friends who use it daily and from whom I’ve been introduced to the app. As this article talks more about the positive and negative effects of the app, it is safe to say that this app has surpassed all the expectations and is constantly improving. This app is for young people who have a lot of free time and are willing to spend hours making short videos or watching other people’s videos. It simply is addictive, as the article talks in-depth about how A.I. learns and controls everything the users do. The app knows what each individual likes or dislikes and shows the content accordingly. It is scary how an app can know more about what you like than you. It is also frightening how much time we spend on social media without even realizing it. This article does a great job of explaining the history of the app as well as spreading awareness of the bad side of it. TikTok is simply a platform to show millions of people how creative you can be in one short video, though it is for creativity and fun, it can also be used for hatred and negativity. I think this is an interesting app where you can laugh and have fun, but it is very important to manage how much time you spend on it. </span>

    Tatiana Lema

    When reading this article I could not help but to think how accurate and relatable it is. The author was able to perfectly describe how someone like me lets say would easily get entertained for a long time with such app. The apps greatest success in attracting so many people would be because recently we are living in a time where remakes of old popular things are coming to light. For example, The Lion King or Toy Story are great in showing how the public or matter a fact this generation appreciates what they once had. Just like Vine, the public finds this as a way to relive ‘vine’ moments and like the article compares them, I cant help but to agree. Using this app does in fact bring back memories and can trigger an ‘addiction’ to many users who spend hours on the app itself. The app is also very accessible to other social media which has allowed for the spread of its content.

    Nathaly Castillo

    I have never used tick tock but the first time I was introduced to it was by my younger cousin who was probably about eleven at the time and my thoughts on tick tock were mostly negative. I thought it was just an outlet between younger people to post random funny videos, or something similar to Instagram or Vine, but I had no idea teens or young adults used it too, to create fame. The concept of posting short funny videos of mimicking recordings, memes, or songs is very strange to me. This article was very interesting due to Marcella sharing how when she posted a funny video she had thousands of likes and recognition from famous youtubers. I think it is so crazy how it is even possible. As I read further I was in even more shock that people have actually died from creating tick tocks by posing dangerous stunts. I noticed the many negative aspects of tick tock such as young children exposing their locations by mistake or trying to pose as an older person to receive inappropriate attention. however I have also seen some positive aspects such as tick tock being a form of entertainment for everyone. I thought this article was great in showing both positive and negative aspects of tick tock and using real life examples.

    Edwin Moody

    I have never used Tik Tok, and I am fairly distanced from this topic because I don’t use social media that much at all. That being said, this was a very informative and interesting article. After reading it, I think that Tik Tok probably causes more harm than good because it is, for the most part, a waste of time for users, and holds an addictive quality. I think that if a platform is fighting controversy about racism and porn, it is probably not worth investing time into. I think it is kind of frightening how a lot of my friends use such a large portion of their waking hours on social media. Although Tik Tok may be a place where people make money and help their careers, it is generally a waste of time.

    salwa rahman

    I have never used tiktok, and I dont think I ever will. However, I must say that this article made me feel intrigued about the app. As the girl favorited videos she liked, she saw more videos similar to that or in the same range of it. After learning this, I realized that this happened to all of tiktok’s users. I am intrigued by this, especially since tiktok is so widely used, and seemingly tailored for everyone’s liking. I thought  that tik tok videos were just cringe worthy and useless, but the algorithm of the app is noteworthy. Tiktok has undeniably become very popular in the past year, and it grew very quickly. This is probably due to the ads which contain videos that users have made. I believe that this app is much more than a fad, since it is similar to vine. Vine was very popular, but the app was discontinued and eventually tiktok was established (by a different company). People both young and old have found ways to enjoy this app, and many more people will be using it in the future

    Wyatt Kuebler

    I have three younger sisters so I would say that I know a decent amount about TikTok and its odd flashy humorous way of making you sit in your room and do practically nothing for hours. I’ve seen it with a lot of people, especially those people who have managed to “blow up” on the For You page. It has turned into a cite for all sorts of creators all doing different things, and I would say it is like the next generations YouTube or Vine, where young people can express themselves freely with little to no hate as TikTok is really good at responding to the harassment of people on their site. The article did, however, give me new examples of how influential TikTok has actually been, by making a song break a record for most time at #1 to how fast its gigantic following masses together. TikTok is a really good app designed to post anything and everything because there is always something for someone.


    TikTok is an app that you can mess around with and entertain people. Before reading the article “How TikTok Holds Our Attention” I have had experience with the app before because of my girlfriend. You can use the app to not only entertain others but also yourself. You can learn thing there that you can use for the future. You can even make money on the app if you get popular enough. You can advertise certain brands or even songs for that matter. There are different ways you can get creative on the app, either you ca take a song and act it out or be original and create your own for others to use. There may be a problem where the most trending thing that is happening on TikTok may not be suitable for the younger audience but the app is mostly used for entertainment and getting creative.

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