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    Sara Sanchez

    I found it intriguing how the author goes to explain the difference between stories and narratives and emphasizes the importance of storytelling starting with our childhood, as it can impact children into their adulthood. When speaking about storytelling, the author explains that how we present it is important as how we tell it will gravitate the type of audience we get. This personally stood out to me as its something I’ve learned through my own theory of writing; That the author cannot just speak and expect the response they want despite their intentions

    Edwin Moody

    This article is interesting to me as it is about storytelling, which is very central in various aspects of anyone’s life. The article mentions advertisements, which usually tell a story in there own way. for example, a lot of car ads show happy families going on trips together. this kind of imagery makes most consumers think of times when they did similar things. another example of storytelling is history. actually, history class is one long series of stories. they show how the earth has evolved, and how people and cultures came about.


    Nathaly Castillo

    This article really opened my eyes to story telling. Initially I thought of story telling as just describing details of an event but I never dug through the true meaning of story telling and how to write a good story. The introduction of this piece by Catherine Ramsdell demonstrated how stories can influence people and have a true purpose. The first reference used a lot if eye-catching vocabulary that makes the reader continue to find out what is going on. The second reference I really love because of how Skip used his past experience to demonstrate his growth and maturity to the stockholders was really inspirational because of how older people look at young people as not knowledgeable, capable, or inexperienced when in reality you can be young and still be just as capable or even more capable as an older individual and the way he used story to demonstrate that instead of directly staying “I am a good leader” was a very wise choice. In the narrative theory portion of this piece, what stood out to me was when N.J. Lowe was stating the differences between sjuzhet and fabula and he stating “(shuzhet) recorded and reshaping the process of telling To reach and affect the audience or reader”. This quote reminds me of the process of using rhetoric in literature in order to catch certain audiences. I enjoyed the “who I am” portion of this piece since it goes into depth of how to create a story of your own and the process you should go through. Before I would just describe details of an event but in such a formal way then just leave it as is. I wasn’t sure how to make it more eye-popping but these tips can help me improve a lot and let me know what I should do after I write about a topic.

    Tatiana Lema

    After reading Catherine Ramsdell’s essay, I came to realize how important story telling is. This especially relates to how one tells another’s story or when someone does so for themself. All I could possibly consider when reading this article was about my topic in general. These stories that people share and how they share it is important in being able to get across their information. This helps the audience understand their narrative depending on how the person would want the audience to feel or picture. Going into depth of narrative versus story, Ramsdell does a great job at being able to differentiate them both.

    Ahmed Iftiak

    reading the article made me think whenever I write, I do it without think of all the aspects of writing how to make it interactive and grave audience attention. I knew all the things that the Catherine Ramsdell address in the article to incorporate in the story or writing I am doing to make it better writing. The way Catherine Ramsdell presents the importance of storytelling and how you present yourself in the story when you write about yourself.  her presentation is really effective in terms of explaining the importance of storytelling and the difference between story and narrative. Her explanation of the history of writing and all of humankind are tide to storytelling and narrative. there is no history without a story. Story not just about entertainment, it more than that. This article has made me rethink my theory of writing and how I am going to write it. I  will incorporate all her ideas and ways to make a better writer. life proofreading, writing rough draft and outline ideas before start writing.

    Wyatt Kuebler

    Catherine Ramsdell’s essay was eye-opening to the world of storytelling and those who know how to use it. Introducing many debates over what elements truly make a story good served more of a purpose to highlight the elements that are looked at in writing a story and which ones actually draw our attention the best. She told us through her writing that your own personal story doesn’t need to follow the normal passage of time or even actually describe your physical characteristics at all. After reading this essay it makes sense that the purpose of your story shouldn’t describe yourself in that way, but rather to explore your inner and more hidden self as that is the part that someone would have to read if they were actually interested in you, not the stuff on the outside that anyone could easily see.

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