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    Tatiana Lema

    While listening to the episode of the podcast I was surprised to listen to many of the statements that the republican had made. Although I was a bit confused in many of the things mentioned, I was more interested in the analogy he had made with the Dead Chicken Strategy and comparing it to how the liberals were going to be placed in that similar situation. Another thing that surprised me the most was the fact that the republican defended that impeachment should be a last resort and that the allegations made against the president are no where near them. Its upsetting to see that no matter what evidence is presented in front of them regarding the presidents actions it is completely set aside.

    Merla Ramos

    A lot of political topics confuse me and I usually have trouble understanding. But what I don’t agree with is the republican said that impeachment should be the last thing the government should agree on. If they’re facts and evidence as to why this government official or president should be impeached, it should be a good enough reason why they are doing that. This can prove that many things that happen in the White House that we don’t about that gets overlooked and could harm us.

    Sara Sanchez

    My thoughts on the podcast are somewhat conflicting. I would like to believe the democratic party wouldn’t use serious allegations, such as the Me Too movement, in order to have what they desire, but unfortunately I wouldn’t be surprised either. Both parties goal is to win. Which shows that it wouldn’t be surprising for the republican party to use such tactics, either. Something I disagreed with automatically when said was when Davis said Democrats had to accept Donald Trump as president as he is the president America chose. That I believe & know is false. What I found interesting however, was when one of the hosts from the podcast said that if no longer a contributor to their cause, Davis would basically no longer support Trump. Its ever so slightly shocking, but again, not a surprise

    Nika Medilishi

    On The Daily podcast, they interview Mike Davis who is a lawyer as well as a republican. They ask about his career, how and why he decided to become a lawyer and most importantly they ask him about his views on liberals and democrats. It is interesting how the interviewers show the other side’s perspective while having their own beliefs on the matter. I try not to get into political arguments and always try to avoid the subject despite having my own thoughts and perspective on certain political issues. While staying neutral to both sides I found Davis’s point of view about the “Me Too” generation as well as the “Dead Chicken” strategy very interesting. Though I might not agree with his arguments, it is important to keep an open mind about argumentative discussions and try to see the other side’s perspective and line of reasoning.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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