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    This reflection will be based on your topic exploration and initial research. You’ll reflect on what may have inspired the desire for further inquiry, including how you came up with the question, why it might be important, and how you plan to explore the question in your research. If you can’t decide on a single question at this point, write about the top three you have in mind. We’ll work together on narrowing your focus into one final research question, and we’ll evaluate examples of strong research questions.


    (approx. 300 words)

    Syed Shataj Hosain

    As technology developed, people have more access to put their thoughts into media. My topic is cyberbullying and it is one of the most controversial topic nowadays in social media. Before only teens used to get bullied, but now is spreading between adults through websites, emails, personal blogs, social networking sites, photographs, etc. I was further inspired to research this topic because people who get bullied don’t raise their voice against it and people who bully never get punished.
    1. How can we understand today’s generation and make them stop from doing it?
    2. What kind of harassment people face or comments get through media?

    3. Practice how to speak up to stop cyberbullying and discuss the harm of it?

    I came up with these questions because I felt like most of the people ignore the topic and still does it and they have no shame or protest against it. And that’s why I decided to do my further research through these questions. In my opinion, it’s important to aware people about the topic to build a better society and a peaceful life for everyone.


    Syed Shataj Hosain

    In my opinion, when we do research about something it’s like solving a puzzle with little form of information. We want to know what, why, when things happen and also focus on the most interesting thing when we do writing about some specific topic. I feel like I developed my writing skills a lot better when I did my first research paper. I learned what’s genre, stance, tone and all the rhetoric form of language which developed my writing skills a lot better than before. I have learned how to organize my writing and also developed the base of brainstorming throughout the writing. Writing made my thoughts clear and convincing no matter what’s the topic. Before I used to get lost or confuse about how to start writing in a better way. But now I know how to maintain the glow of writing with proper tense and all type of rhetoric devices.

    Crystal Yang

    My topic is food waste and I decided to choose this topic because it’s an issue that almost everyone does daily, but most people do not notice it at all. Some people either don’t notice that they waste food all the time or even see it as an issue. My question that I have decided on right now is, “How does the government deal with food waste in the U.S.?” I chose this question because it is not so broad and general that there may be too much to talk about, but it isn’t so specific that I can only focus on a certain area. That is why I chose the area being the U.S. because it is the most relevant to us. The government also may not necessarily do anything to help or stop food waste and may even encourage food waste, which will be interesting to write about.

    Amy Ho

    <span class=”s1″>My topic is about pollution from single use plastic bags. The reason I want to research this topic because it led many countries to enforce a ban or tax on plastic bags. This is very interesting when you look from the perspective of consumers and their reactions. I want to research more about where plastic bags goes after being used. I came up with my first question thinking about what makes plastic bags an issue. This led me to ask what happens to single use plastic bags in New York City? This is one of my question that seems relevant and important because many consumers are ignorant when it comes to pollution or they’re not well informed about this issue. By exploring this questions I can find out what happens to plastic bags and use this information to educate people about the damage that plastic is causing to the environment. </span>

    <span class=”s1″>I arrive at my second question from the source-based essay. As I analyzed my sources for rhetoric I was also really intrigue by the content. Most of my sources talked about different methods that could help reduce plastic usage. Some suggested an alternative, tote bags which are eco friendly. While others went for a more restricting method where plastic bags production and usage was banned. This lead me to my create a question based off of these method which is; how are bans and taxes on plastic bags affecting the US? I plan to explore this question in my research by focusing on people’s reactions. This can help me find some stories or opinion articles that I can incorporate in my paper. Additionally, I’m really intrigued with the concept that some people believe that plastic bags is damaging the environment but they do not take any actions to reduce its usage. It reveals a situation where one just talks about the harm while another is actually changing their lifestyle by using suggested alternatives. </span>

    Ange Louis

    From the very beginning I wanted to do research in a topic that I could relate to most because it would make my writing feel more genuine and authentic. I chose African Americans in Education because I felt like it was a problem that had affected me which is crazy because education should be solely based on merit and not the color of your skin. It is a system that has failed you before you were even put into it. The questions that I might want to actually do research on is:

    1. The diversity of HBCUs or any overall problems with them
    2. Investigating how poor education affects black people once they are out of school
    3. Socio-economic standards that affect your life without you even knowing it

    It’s definitely going to be hard to explore this topic because I don’t know if there are scholarly articles that dive into this and if there are I’m not sure how much are out there. It’s also going to be hard to come up with a question that isn’t too specific or vague since my topic already is a small umbrella, but hopefully I can find the right and credible sources that also contain statistics and research.

    Xiaoqin Jiang

    My topic is relieve the pressure. I chose this topic because as people get older, they are faced with many different pressures, which can come from study, work, family and friends. My question is “what are the symptoms and behaviors of psychological stress? ” This question is important because it can make people aware of whether they are already overstressed and help them take action in a timely manner. And what kind of influence can psychology pressure bring to the person’s health and life. If people fail to adjust their emotions, they will develop anxiety and negative state. Therefore, it is a key to know how to properly relieve and deal with stress.

    Anthony Liang

    My topic is about gaming/eSports and I want to research about ‘why there is a lack of females in professional gaming or gaming in general?’ How I came up with my question is through my knowledge of the lack of female friends playing eSports related games and the lack of females in the professional scene and wanting to find the stem of the problem. I feel this topic is important because we need to eliminate the lack of diversity in all job fields and professional eSports is one of them. There are already females in professional sports but not yet in eSports and I want to find out why. How I plan to explore this topic is by going through articles and referencing a well known incident of an attempt to introduce a female into the professional scene and the backlash caused by people on the internet.


    How you came up with the question: At first, the question came because my sister just happened to send me a news article about a girl suffering from a rare lung disease. I came up with the question after noticing the spike in hospitalized visits associated with vaping: should vaping be banned? I noticed a series of similar patterns in my time walking to school, waiting for the train, and being inside a classroom. I’ve seen numerous kids quickly inhale through a device now called an e-cigarette. There has now been a statewide ban on vaping devices because of the high-risk associated with it.

    Why it might be important: This is important because it’s happening at this exact moment. The question is though, should it be banned? There have been previous bans on drugs, alcohol, and etc… How will this ban be different?

    How you plan to explore the question: I want to research if the effects of this ban will have a more positive or negative impact in the city. I plan to interview students of my age and what they think of this new ban.

    Nathaly Castillo

    My topic is about animal experimentation and I was inspired by my love for animals, and my curiosity of why have scientists not found alternatives to animal testing and if they did find alternatives, I want to know why it is not banned entirely. Also I want to know if people realize that behind some of the products they are using at home, animals may have been used to test that product. I want if people know that they are the cause of that and how does that make people feel knowing that they are contributing to an animal possibly being hurt. There are also companies allowed to take animals and put them through this harm legally which is crazy to me. My top three topic questions are: have scientists found alternatives to animal experimentation? what is the justification for the use of animals for experimentation? and how have companies extracted animals for their experimental or research use? these questions are significant to me since I would like to know how these animals have ended up in these situations. I plan to explore my topic by reading through articles that show both point of views, for example some articles reveal the benefits that animals gave us such as advancement in medication. In the sixth grade, I was exposed to information about animal experimentation and cruelty and ever since then I always wanted to know more since I am shocked at how animals are being used in experiments.

    Escarlen Ibadango

    My topic is the effects of caffeine on the human body. I have worked at a coffee shop and have seen people from all ages consume a beverage that contains caffeine. I did not understand what was the need to consume coffee, the main beverage containing caffeine, three to four times a day expending around forty dollars just on coffee alone. Leading to my questions: Can the consumption of coffee also impact your health? How would it affect body functions? Coffee is vital mainly to white collars but do they know the impact that it creates on their health. Some perceive it to not be beneficial but it is when it prevents CVDs and improves your brain functions. I plan to define in what ways coffee can affect your health by finding resources containing research. The sources would need to have an experiment showing a control and experimental group showing the impact on your health, as well as, define terms and clear evidence of the findings.

    Mohammad Rahman

    My topic is abortion. I did not choose this topic because I can relate to it in any way, but I found it to be very interesting. Abortion is a world issue that isn’t commonly talked about in families. It can be because of religious reasons or it may bring shame to the family itself. Abortions have two sides to it: one side saying it should be legal while the other side says it shouldn’t. In my research, I was able to find multiple articles that talk about both sides of abortion, which was very interesting. I believe it is something that should be discussed more often, so maybe one day we all can come to a conclusion for it.


    What inspired me to write more about technology is that everyday, we are surrounded by more and more technological devices and our world is been shaped around it. Even in todays education, most schools around the world have some type of technology involved when it comes to teaching their students. Everyday we are making more advancement and improving what we already have. The question that I came up with was

    Will technology be our rise and fall?

    This question is important because people are always wondering if by creating artificial intelligence, robots will take over and dominate humans or if we make a mistake and technology works against us. It is something that not only me but a lot of people are curious and worried about. I plan to explore the question in my research by first looking at the positives and negatives of artificial intelligence and then I want to find out what the possibility of robots dominating humans is. I will also look for different ways in which technology can be our downfall in humanity.

    Edwin Moody

    Gun control is an important topic to me because I am a gun owner, but at the same time believe something needs to be done to stop the unending barrage of tragedies caused by irresponsible gun use. This problem is not only a result of guns being in the hands of the wrong people, but is also caused by a general lack of knowledge about safe firearm use from law-abiding civilians. The question I have concerning this issue is:

    Is there a way to stop gun violence without taking guns away from citizens?

    This question is vital because democrats think that the only way to stop these acts of terror is to go against the 2nd Amendment and remove “assault weapons” from the general public. Republicans, however, think that this would only create gun free zones which would attract would-be killers because of a lack of resistance. Either way, this is a very controversial, and interesting topic that is dividing our country today.


    Mohammed Mia

    My topic now is the switch to electric vehicles. This has interested me as I’ve driven down the local streets and highways of New York and seen the most exotic million dollar cars roll by. They are quite fascinating and have the most aesthetic appeal, but the amount of gas those supercars and trucks burn is outrageous. This topic of electric cars came to me as I was filling the gas in my family car over the summer multiple times. Although I have a pretty old car and it doesn’t require premium gas, it still costs me about $80 for a full tank. Now, as an 18 year old with a new license, the tendency to drive everywhere hits and I practically took the car to a different place with friends every other day. Now thinking about all the places that brands like Tesla has built their charging stations, it would’ve been possible to “fuel up my car” for free as I was having fun and hanging out with friends because electric cars run on charge. These stations work from the company to provide electricity for your car to drive further. In my opinion, Tesla is the main company doing this best, where you see charging stations everywhere and all you have to do is just stop for about 20-30 minutes and your good to go until your next destination and back. My questions for this topic are

    “Why not transfer to electric”?

    “ How are gas powered vehicles beneficial”?

    “What is stopping you from getting an electric car instead”?

    I chose these three questions in general to narrow down into one because all these questions apply to the hindering of people switching to electric cars.


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