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    Ahmed Iftiak

    <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>In my opinion, writing is a form of communication that allow humans to¬† communicate, send message, preserve ideas and information, and present their ideas and opinions without physically representing themselves in front of their audience. The type of writing assignment I have given are research and reading based argumentative essay, reading analysis, synthesis essays¬† and opinion based essays. Most of the time the resources were given by the teacher and other time I would gather required material from online. I did not use books that often when a research assignment ware given. Generally teachers gave us the instructions for the assignments. To be honest I am not a writer or a reader, I only write when any assignment ware given, I never wrote anything else in my life. Out of the academic life most of the time I avoid argument, but when avoiding is not an option I would use my knowledge, logic or my opinion to win the argument.</span>

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