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    Sabrina Persaud

    <p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>The article “Social Media is Warping Democracy” explores the detriments of having<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>social platforms that are too accessible and how it effects the way we communicate with one another. Social media essentially began as a way to interact with friends on the internet but it’s shifted into a very permanent routine in our lives. I agree with several points the author makes about social media having a negative impact on human interaction. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter can be a place where some may only feel validated if they get a lot of “likes” and “retweets”. Focusing solely on Twitter, if you’ve ever browsed on the app you know that it’s </span>rare for people with differing opinions to communicate in a respectful, orderly manner. This is because it’s not just two people having a conversation; it’s two people having a conversation for the entire world to see. With that big of an audience, the actual context of the situation can lose importance and instead become a contest of who gets the most retweets. However, while I do see the valid points the author makes, there are some sections that I don’t entirely agree with. The section “The Decline of Wisdom” discusses how the increase in the consumption of information (that’s made possible by various social medias) can misguide us. The author compares it to the “filtration process” older ideas went through to get passed down through generations. I agree to an extent that having multiple ideas coming at you all at once can lead to misjudgment; but one can argue that there could be valuable information, conversations, ideas, etc. that didn’t get passed down because the “filter” deemed it as insignificant. It should also be noted who usually had a say in what was / wasn’t important in the past, and who didn’t have a say at all.</p>

    Ange Louis

    The article mainly talk about how drastically the world has changed with the emergence of social media and the good or bad that comes with it. There was a lot of information that I had previously known about social media which affected my relationship with it. I didn’t get involved with social media until recently because I had seen firsthand how it can create drama/narratives that were not needed or didn’t have good intentions behind it. Also it seemed like a waste of time to me since I would barely use it. I decided to get social media as a way to still keep in contact with friends. Now being in the world I can definitely visualize the points of the article whether it’s about how people equate likes with popularity, people saying outrageous things just so they can become a shared post, ideas/values being spread like wildfire or older ideas being replaced. I have seen social media being used for good like spreading knowledge of what’s going on in other countries or different charities to get involved in. I have also seen it used for a lot of bad like cancel culture or trolls who just want to be popular. I really like the suggestions at the end on how we can make social media like creating more friction or creating algorithms so hateful things aren’t posted. In terms of structure, I liked how the article went back and forth between the founding fathers and social media today to show how ideas evolve or stay the same in a period of time.

    Nathaly Castillo

    The article, “The Dark Psychology of social network” Focuses on the evolution of social media and its influence on people. At first, social media was thought of as a platform to spread ideas and communicate with people who are needed. However, social media is now compared to negativity throughout the world due to harm caused to others online. I loved how this article began by introducing a wild phenomena about there being no gravity and being closer to the sun would affect us in physical ways. Then the author introduced how it would affect us in the social world and continued with talking about media. I completely agree with the article stating that social media is used as a “performance” since people on social media are just there to post content and attempt to get famous. at the end of the article, the author introduces a proper solution which is a good closing statement for the author’s purpose.

    Edwin Moody

    I thought this was a well-written and interesting article about social media. I am fairly new to this area, and do not post much, but going off of what I have observed from friends and family, social media is a useful, yet potentially detrimental vice that almost everyone in today’s society uses. My main beef with social media is that so many people, particularly kids, are so emotionally attached to their online status and popularity. the number of likes they get either sends them into depression or provides a false sense of vindication, or power. while this is ok in moderation, the younger generation now lives in a virtual world that is completely fake. no device will ever replace face to face communication, and I feel like a lot of people have forgotten how to have a conversation with someone they do not see every day. unfortunately, this has led to isolationism, and depression in many cases. I know that social media is here to stay, but I wish that people would rediscover the real world and real people.

    Escarlen Ibadango

    The article “The Dark Psychology of Social Networks” by Jonathan Haidt and Tabias Rose-Stockwell discuss the impact that social media has had over the course of years when it first began until now. The main intent of social media was for it to be use positively, where people would connect. However, people began to take advantage of social media to benefit themselves and say whatever it’s on their mind without thinking on the effects it would have. To the point where it has had influence on politics. In which they are able to post their thoughts and ideologies on their political leanings leading other people to do the same. They would be able to pass on their information using the features of retweet’s and shares. A game changer due to the fact that people don’t necessarily have to copy and paste, as well as, see each other face to face enabling this freedom for them to express their feelings without worrying on the effects that it would have on others. A downside of it which allows people to make multiple accounts allowing for fake accounts to be created and be used for them to take advantage of other people. It has led this new generation to be taking upon this ideology that everything has to revolve upon likes and shares influencing people when they see new perspectives that they had never thought about it.

    Tatiana Lema

    After reading this article, I came to question whether or not people knew that social media was a potential dangerous source for political reasons. The person who created the retweet button regretted it because of how content can spread like wildfire in this case possibly aiding the spreading of false information made me question how serious of a situation this was. Understanding that social media gives people platforms and attention to discuss whatever they have opinions about even about their aggressive intakes on political issues makes others believe it’s okay to continue this attitude. In this case it’s not wrong or abnormal to see such aggressive behavior in content. I can possibly agree to the authors solution in correcting these issues in order to maintain the idea of democracy intact or even in the picture. Reading this article was very informative and eye opening about daily social media because often times not a lot of people know how big of a contributing it is to current political issues.

    Mohammad Rahman

    This article talks about social much impact it has on us, whether it be positive or negative. Social media was originally meant for everyone to be interconnected to each other no matter how far they may be, which was a good thing. But as social media increased in our society, it started being used for bad things, such as online spying or cyber bullying, which ultimately turned out to be bad. But at the end of the day, it really all depends on who you are connected with on social media. If you have people who support you and really cares for your well being, social media would be a a platform for self improvement. But if you have negative people on social media, chances are that you will have to deal with negativity as well. I completely agree with the points this article states, and believe we should use social media for what it was originally meant for.

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