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    In this reflection, tell me what you know about writing. Tell me about the kinds of writing assignments you have been given, what you did to go about answering them, and how you assess your abilities as a writer. Include descriptions of non-school writing, too: anything you do in your home life, for work, or for pleasure or professional advancement.

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    Sara Sanchez

    Sara Sanchez

    What I know about writing is that it is used as a way of expression & persuasion. Writing assignments I have received in the past are research essays  & journaling. To go about answering essays, I used resources offered to me through my school’s library database as well as information on the topic of what we’re writing about & the format to write it in through class. In school journaling was a form of writing that did not require much correction in terms of grammar & spelling.

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    Crystal Yang

    I know that writing is an art form and a way of conveying one’s feelings and thoughts in words that may be difficult to be spoken. I’ve been given writing assignments from argumentative essays to research papers, etc. I would go about answering them by writing down as much as I know, but provide as much detail and be as descriptive as possible to give the reader the best accurate representation in their mind. I would also use a various amount of reliable sources and give an abundant number of valid reasons to support my claim. Besides school, of course I would have my own arguments in my personal life and I guess being a person who always wants to be right, helps. By using over exaggerating words when writing, I feel as if it helps the other person get a better understanding of my point of view.

    Xiaoqin Jiang

    I think writing is about providing some evidences to prove own opinion and narrating events. When I was in high school, my history teacher often to asked us to write some essays. When I started before, I always think about how many paragraphs I need and where I can find the resources to describe the matter. Also, I would make some questions to help myself to organize my essays. What’s more, I know that writing often uses different rhetorical devices. For example, simile, metaphor, personification and so on. They can make writing more lively and interesting.

    Amy Ho

    I think writing is an important skill that help people tell their story. The language used in writing enable the author to express their opinions, emotions, and ideas. Some writing assignments that I have done was write a research paper about an author’s style and theme of writing. This assignment was a little challenging because I had to focus more on analyzing the author’s work than writing a biography. Other works that I have done was create my own graphic novel <span class=”s1″>referring to</span> the graphic novel “American Born Chinese” by Gene <span class=”s1″><span class=”mceItemHidden”><span class=”hiddenSpellError”>Luen</span></span></span> Yang. This assignment was exciting because I got to design my characters and use my writing to connect everything together. As I did more writing assignment I noticed that my writing became more creative compared to the standard essay I wrote for state exams. As aside from school, during my personal time I sometime like to keep a journal to keep track of important events.

    Syed Shataj Hosain

    In my opinion, writing is the best way to express all sorts of feelings. Writing is an art, which improves by practice. It is a skill that people use to express their feelings, thoughts and stories when their words can’t. In my past, I did document base essays, argument essays, personal essays and also resourced based essays. I feel like, as a writer I can emphasize my writing skills much better depending what’s the writing about.

    Mohammad Rahman

    I believe writing is an essential part of our everyday lives. It is a way of sharing ones deep, inner feelings and emotions to the world. In the past, I remember my school teachers assigning argumentative, narrative, descriptive and even persuasive writings. Usually, before writing the final draft, i’d write multiple drafts in order to perfect it as a whole. As references, I would use the internet, books from the library and articles often given out by my school to build up my writings. I believe my past writings have allowed me to become a much stronger and independent writer.

    Anthony Liang

    I believe writing to be a way to communicate and express yourself to others, in the forms of texts, blog posts, essays, articles, etc., but there are many other purposes to writing. There were many types of writing assignments given to me in high school for example. Some assignments were reflections; there was a school wide assignment (Metacognitive Journals) that was done 2-3 times a year where we reflect by answering prompts (such as how we felt valued, belonged, and how we took care of ourselves) that a teacher would end up reading. Some were text-based; where we would read a text and write a piece, such as an essay for example that would show our understanding of the text and lens we would write in. Others would be research based, where we would select a topic, make a claim, and look for evidence from reliable websites to back it up. A way we would assess our writing is to let a peer review it and suggest any changes/improvements that could be made which would make the writing stronger.

    Escarlen Ibadango

    <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>I think writing can be considered a form of self-expression as it allows people to state their emotions and feelings down. I have used writing in high school assignments to write argumentative essays, research papers, document-based essays, etc. When it comes to school assignments they tend to contain credible sources to back up any type of argument with information. Although, before I begin to find information I always dissect the prompts to know how I would direct my information and organize it. At times received feedback from peers and teachers in ways that the essays could be improved in terms of grammar or organization. Besides school I used writing to write emails for work confirming when orders would be coming in and organizing meetings with different companies. Making sure that they would be properly written and organized through information and the details that it would contain.</span>

    Nathaly Castillo

    I know that writing is a form of art that is used by everyone and has multiple purposes. Writing can be used by individuals to express their emotions, spread a message, relieve stress, or have an impact on society. In high school, I have been given the task to put myself in the shoes of a Vietnam veteran based off a book we read in my English class called, “The Things they Carried.” This book talked about the things soldiers carried with them physically such as their boots, backpacks, grenades, weapons, radio, etc. It also talked about what they carry with them emotionally, such as their fears of stepping on a trap, getting shot, not seeing their family again, or watching their friend die in their arms. In this assignment, we had to write a letter to a loved one in the perspective of a soldier during this war. Students had to talk about the thing we would carry physically and emotionally during that time period. I loved this assignment because it involved analyzing the characters in the book and writing in their language. I would take examples of dialogues from different characters and write similar to them but with the items I would use, or with my emotions. This showed my ability to adapt to any language as a writer. At home, I used writing as a form of therapy. Whenever I felt a negative emotion, I would write about it and describe why I felt that way.

    Mohammed Mia

    Throughout the four years I have been in high school, I have grasped a strong concept about what writing is. To me, it is a method depicting all the thoughts and ideas that are stored inside one’s mind on to paper. After being in the rigorous AP English and Literature classes for the last two years of high school, I completed a variety of writing assignments. From personal entries, to essays on rhetoric, to even the essay on how the author portrays ethos, pathos, and logos for the SAT. It was all finished and shown at it’s fullest potential after re-reading, revising, and peer edits in and out of class. My last two years in high school has given me a structure to my writing and has led me to write things down in any case. No matter the situation, whether it’s on paper, phone, or laptop, I jot things down as notes to remember and go back to in cases of emergencies with a due date next to it. I wouldn’t have remembered to do this assignment if I hadn’t put in the note in my phone to do this homework assignment online for english class.


    I know that writing has the incredible power to create, change, and support ideas. The ability to string sentences together to convey ideas and messages clearly to readers is not an easy task to be accomplished. In all of my years studying in school, I have been given all sorts of writing assignments; ranging from poetry, research prompt, reading question, and so on. Tackling each assignment required so many different styles of writing that it forced me to assess my own ability to write. I would compare my writing to other established authors and peers in order to measure improvement or areas in need for improvement. As a hobby, I write journals or stories when I feel the urge to create something that sounded really good in my head. Most of the time, however, it doesn’t turn out the same way as it did in my head so it’s all just for the fun of it. For work, I tend to be engaged in more formal writings such as statements and reports needed by a higher authority. These tend to be more boring, but straightforward tasks. All I know is that writing is important in all aspects of life no matter what, without it, the world would be completely different for the worse.

    salwa rahman

    I believe that writing is much more than just a tool used to express yourself. I believe that writing helps for you to connect yourself to the world. Writing moves me, writing pushes me, and writing heals me. I have been writing since I was twelve, and I am confident to say that writing is meant to be free. Writing takes a great deal of patience and time, which would  sometimes make me feel very small and intimidated. In turn to this, I must remind myself that I have the power to place power into words. In high school, I have taken AP language, AP literature, and journalism. From these classes, I have been given the ability to explore through the topics of Transcendentalism, to current events in Turkey. Since I have been exposed to a wide variety of writing assignments, I have learned how to go about these assignments in my own way.  I took my time, and I remained patient with myself. I noticed that although these assignments were turned in on time, I have always managed to write them when I felt ready to do so.  During my free time, I sometimes write several poems, songs, and short stories, but never in a manner which would remain consistent. Writing is more of a privilege to me, and I believe that this constant shift between story to story is a representation of my urge to move freely. I can never finish a story, but somehow I feel compelled to start a new one.

    Ange Louis

    Writing can be seen as medium to express ideas, beliefs, and one’s imagination. Coming from a math and science heavy background, I personally don’t love writing. However, I have come to realize that it’s something that you can’t escape and is essential to any field I want to be in just on the basis of being able to communicate with others. Writing assignments at a young age were pretty standard such as writing a few paragraphs about my summer vacation or writing poem about my favorite color (using my personal experiences as resources). I actually had fallen in love with writing to the point where I started writing a book in the fifth grade. Then as I grew older and was introduced to essays and history reports, writing seemed more like an annoying task that I would never escape. I hated essay exams or anything having to do with writing. It’s such a saturating part of school that I didn’t enjoy, especially the pain it caused my hand. Even though I don’t like writing, I would say I’m pretty good at it and it’s a skill I have come to value in my life. I did research at a lab where I was required to write a research report on my experiment and it was my ability to explain these long and complicated definitions and convey results while using other credible research papers, mentors/scientists, scientific online sources or books that even made my report possible. On a scale from 1-10 about how good of a writer I am, I would say I’m a solid 7. I don’t have the same urge as I did when I was younger to write in my free time but I always make sure to put the my best effort in assignments/essays I am given in school and remain grateful that I have developed the writing skills I still keep with me.

    Nika Medilishi

    <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>I believe to be a good writer you first have to be a good reader. You have to enjoy reading to enjoy writing. Writing, in my opinion, is freedom. It is the freedom of doing whatever you want to do. It gives you the ability to speak up and the platform to influence others. Although it is not easy to be a good writer. It is extremely hard to write something influential nowadays because some people might say every thought has been expressed and every idea has been delivered. With that being said, I do think that writers should be independent and write about how they genuinely feel even if it’s controversial or not ordinary. Therefore, People write for many different reasons, some write for money, some for fame but I think for the writing to be good you have to have fun with it. Not to follow trends or the market, not to write for popularity or recognition, but to write for you and you only. You have to enjoy the process, appreciate it and learn from the struggle.</span>

    <span style=”font-weight: 400;”> I have never enjoyed writing when I was in school for several reasons. I never got to write what I wanted to write. There were assignments that I had little or no interest in. Even though I didn’t enjoy writing research papers or writing short stories in classes, it helped me to learn more about the art of writing, as well as helped me to discover more about the tactics and structures of short stories or essays. </span>

    <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>I have always been more of a reader than a writer. I have loved reading since I was a little kid. Books have played a crucial role in my life as they have helped me to discover a whole new world and let me be a part of it. Though I love reading, writing has helped me to grow as a person and learn more about myself. The way I approach writing is very simple. I start with an idea and then write a sentence about that idea. I continue writing until my ideas grow into stories. Ideas never end as long as I have thoughts. However, ideas and thoughts are not enough to be a good writer, it is simply how you use those thoughts and ideas to create something meaningful out of it.    </span>

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