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    Arturo Flores

    What I know about writing is that it is a great way to communicate ideas. Writing does not serve just one purpose I’ve had multiple writing assignments from research papers, essays  and things like poems and even little scripts. I know that sentence structure and your choice in words helps develop and communicate the idea to the reader. Personally I’m not that strong of a writer so I always try to have an outline of how I want something to turn out and then along the way I have people check me and offer suggestions. I think there’s always room for someone to grow as a writer, I think the most writing I do are small personal reflections.

    Arijit Saha

    I believe writing is an expression, it is the most effective way someone can express themselves. Through writing someone can address or reach out to all types of people via Blogs, Stories, Articles, poems, autobiographies, biographies, journals and many more. Back In my school days my teachers introduced me to different types of writing like document based essays, journals, poems, argumentative essays, personal writings, research prompts etc. My teachers always persuaded me to use all kinds of literary devices in my writings. Most times I would heavily rely on the internet to find the sources for my assignments. I think all my past writing practices helped me improve upon my writing and made me a better writer than I was.


    I believe writing is significant in many ways to express your feelings to others and writing has the power to change someone life. Honestly, I never showed any interest writing back in high school, and I still don’t. When I was in high school there were so many writing activities such as research paper, argumentative essay and document-based essay. My teachers encouraged me so much to improve my writing skill. However, I think I still must improve in my writing and the only way I can do is practice my writing skill. I believe I have practiced enough to make me a better writer than I was.

    Tatiana Lema

    <span style=”margin: 0px; color: black; line-height: 115%; font-family: ‘Times New Roman’,serif; font-size: 12pt;”>Writing can be used as a form of expression depending on how the author would want to portray their texts. Being able to successfully write such pieces can be very influential on the perspectives of their readers. Depending on the type of writing that the author chooses to express, whether it is an informative article or even a poem, the meaning and purpose behind each of them has often been linked to the type of history the author has experienced or their interests. I have been assigned various research papers and argumentative essays that have allowed me to further understand technique and style in writing. When writing these assignments, research was a crucial part in being able to fully understand the background information necessary into making them as credible as possible. I take some time out of my day to personally explore different writing forms like different types of poems. I am able to expand my knowledge by reading a vast range of texts that come in different forms. </span>


    Many individuals use writing to express themselves and their thoughts in a way they can’t do through verbally. Unfortunately, I am not one of those individuals. Back in high school I never enjoyed writing and till this day I don’t. In high school, there were many writing activities such as research papers, argumentative essays, and document-based essays. I was fortunate enough to have teachers who supported me exceptionally to improve my writing skills. To me, the writing was always a necessity rather than being a form of art. However, I believe writing is very important and I must continue to improve working on my writing skills and that means a lot of practice and dedication. I am devoted to learn more and become a better writer.


    What I know about writing is that it was used in ancient times to communicate between different type of things like trading with other nations or used between smaller tribes. It came from people first communicating by pictures and then it became cuneiform. After this, I believed it then spread into different countries and then they developed their own languages. Writing assignments that I have been given were persuasive essays and problem and solution type essays. What I did to answer this essay was quite simple. I read over the task that I needed to complete and the question I had to answer then I gathered the pieces of evidence that I needed to use in my writing and completed the pieces of writing with that. The way I asses my abilities as a writer, out of a 10, I would give myself a 5. Most of the times when I am writing about anything, I tend to go to sleep or daydream about something else that I wish I was doing instead of writing. Sometimes I put the most minimal amount of effort that I need to use in order to get the writing over with because it is something I dont quite enjoy doing. I have to start liking writing because its gonna be a major thing for me in college and I have to think of better words to use because even right now im putting minimal effort to complete this reflection and using words that I should not use in an essay. If texting is considered writing then that is something I do in my daily life. I believe texting is the only type of writing I do apart from searching things up and writing my name.

    Edwin Moody

    To me writing is an effective way for people to portray an feeling, recapture an event, or express an emotion. Assignments i have received in the past are research papers, journalism articles, and rogerian argument papers. The sources I used for these projects were mostly books from the library as well as internet articles. These assignments have not only made me a better writer, but enhanced my ability to effectively communicate in general.

    Sabrina Persaud

    <p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>Writing is an efficient way to share one’s perspective and personal stance on a certain topic or idea. I find it to be effective in conveying the best version of what I want to say, as I have time to carefully think about how to use my words. Past essays from high school ranged from analyzing poems or prose to writing about bigger bodies of work, like the novels we’d read for class. It was always encouraged to use rhetorical devices as evidence to support your claim. When I’m not writing for school, I find comfort in writing just because I want to, when I want to. It ties in with what I said before – writing makes it easier to communicate ideas that are difficult to speak on. I feel like it can be therapeutic to anyone if they tried it. As a writer, I feel I am strongest when I’m free to maneuver a piece however I want to. I want to strengthen my abilities as a writer when dealing with the more analytical, textbook stuff. I find it hard to be proud of my writing if I’m detached from it, because I really do feel like emotions and raw ideas make it all the more meaningful. </span></p>

    Merla Ramos

    I know that writing is used as a form of expression and a way to reflect. In previous English classes that I took, we learned that almost all writing pieces express what the author has gone through or what they were feeling in that exact moment. For example, Edgar Allen Poe was a writer that wrote with a Gothic style and always had the reoccurring theme of death because of the way his life was going at the time. I come from a school that was very heavy on regents test practice so a majority of my writing is structural and to the point. We had to write many argument essays and document-based writing. I find that to be one of my weaknesses in my ability of writing because I end up getting insecure about my writing thinking that it does not flow and that it’s choppy. I hope that I learn how to write more poetic and be able to be free-flowing with what I write.

    Somali Green

    I think that writing one of the most important forms of communication (tied with verbal and non-verbal communication. Writing is also an art form, a medium to creatively express and communicate emotions. It is a multi-faceted tool to persuade, preserve, present an argument, to document. My personal relationship with writing isn’t that great. I believe that whatever is written, can be said, and when coming from someone the words have more power. However, in some cases (such as legal situations) written text is held with more weight than spoken word is. Hopefully taking this course will help me cultivate a better relationship with writing.

    Trinh Ly

    What I know about writing is that it is a way to express our feelings or thoughts about something. You can write about almost anything you want whether if you write to persuade someone about something, tell a story, write your own diary, do homework assignments, etc. You have the freedom to express yourself in your writing in many ways such as your ideas, belief, or opinion. I’ve been given to write a lot of different kinds of writing assignment in my high school. For example, argumentative essay, narrative essay, research paper, personal analysis, etc. From what I’ve learned, most of the writings required you to have evidence to support your idea and make your writing stronger.

    I’ve never been the kids who like writing. I only writing to complete my assignments. I don’t writing on my own or during my free time. Since it take me longer time than other people to gain focus inorder to gather my thoughts and write.

    Ahmed Iftiak

    >In my opinion, writing is a form of communication that allow humans to  communicate, send message, preserve ideas and information, and present their ideas and opinions without physically representing themselves in front of their audience. The type of writing assignment I have given are research and reading based argumentative essay, reading analysis, synthesis essays  and opinion based essays. Most of the time the resources were given by the teacher and other time I would gather required material from online. I did not use books that often when a research assignment ware given. Generally teachers gave us the instructions for the assignments. To be honest I am not a writer or a reader, I only write when any assignment ware given, I never wrote anything else in my life. Out of the academic life most of the time I avoid argument, but when avoiding is not an option I would use my knowledge, logic or my opinion to win the argument.

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