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    Post your thoughts about the 10/10 episode of “The Daily” here.

    Anthony Liang

    I find this episode of “The Daily” very interesting because of the discussion of the intersection of the #MeToo movement and politics. The discussion with Mike Davis was very revealing because they discuss his introduction of politics and his relationship to Neil Gorsuch. He discuss the flaws in the arguments against appointing Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, noting that one accuser had a fear of flying and couldn’t attend the hearing but Mike Davis saw bs in that as she does international surfing. He then wants to turn Kavanaugh into the victim, stating that the #MeToo movement is convicting him without a fair trial. Calling this the ‘Dead Chicken’ Strategy is a good analogy because to fight back, you need to find the flaws in Democrat’s lies and throw it back at them. To use this strategy against the Democrats, it would stop them from using the strategies in trying to not get Kavanaugh confirmed and possibly getting Trump impeached. Overall, this podcast really helps us understand politics and the stance taken to fight or defend accusations.

    Amy Ho

    This episode from “The Daily” have a lot of say about today’s issue. The interview with Mike Davis is extremely fascinating where Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebin analyzes Davis’s words. Starting with his life, Kelly and Pogrebin presents Davis as a mastermind who is trying to make US more conservative. I really like how they talked about Davis supporting Neil Gorsuch to make the high court a conservative majority. I thought that this was an interesting thing because from today’s perspective I can see that Davis has been planning this for a very long time and it was not something he did yesterday. It clearly shows how he planned ahead to obtain his goal. Additionally, I think Davis’ metaphor seems more of a threat toward the Democrats rather than using it as an excuse to say that they are liars. I see this as a warning because as Michael Barbaro said its a “colorful metaphor” with a dark hidden message.

    Syed Shataj Hosain

    This episode from ”The Daily” is very inquiry
    and political based discussion. Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebin discussed US politics with Mike Davis. The whole argument was appointing Brett Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court. He was accusing Kavanaugh as a victim without any fair trial. Davis also crafted a ”brass knuckles approach” to help confirm conservative Supreme Court justices. Davis also supported Neil Gorsuch to make a conservative majority decision. The ”Dead Chicken” strategy is against Democrats so that they don’t appoint Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court so that it gets easy to Trump gets impeached. In my opinion, I think this episode helped us to know what is going on in politics in today’s world.

    Mohammad Rahman

    From what I have read, I have found this episode from “The Daily” to be very intriguing. From the interview with Mike Davis, we can see how Kate and Robin both discussed the political views of Mike. He said that in the case of Brett Kavanaugh, many of his accuser were caught lying against him. He also talks about Neil Gorsuch and how Neil wants to make the court majority of conservatives. This episode is a great one in which we were able to get a lot information about politics itself and the ins and outs of it.


    The podcast, “The Daily” discussing the episode “Republicans’ ‘Dead Chicken’ Strategy on Impeachment” is extremely eyeopening. It’s unbelievable to learn in history class that powers are separated between the branches legislature, judicial, and executive in order to prevent government powers from being abused tyrannically. Yet, the power of media and politics have greatly shifted the focus of government from improving the country overall to pushing a focused agenda of the political party in charge. This episode was absolutely crazy by drawing the connections and similarities between the historical events. I can finally see how they use, rhetoric like we discussed in class, to deflect facts and dismiss the allegations to keep the president in power. We see this in the recent Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court. We see this in the recent impeachment inquiry for Donald Trump. Instead of arguing their side, it’s easier for them to find weaknesses to exploit their rivals to deface those going against them. It’s crazy because I see it take place, but I never saw it as a strategy. Reflecting back to every single event, it’s easy to see a pattern in how they react to allegations and accusations.

    Mohammed Mia

    The podcast, “Republicans ‘Dead Chicken’ strategy on Impeachment” from the Daily had a lot to say towards Brett Kavanaugh. Starting to speak of the major powers of influence that the media has upon major cases like his one is similar, if not, the same amount of distribution as checks and balances do have between the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government. His nomination to the Supreme Court has shocked many and even shed light upon the many lies and other factors taken into consideration after his nomination to a higher power.

    Mohammed Mia

    The podcast, “Republicans ‘Dead Chicken’ strategy on Impeachment” from the Daily had a lot to say towards Brett Kavanaugh. Starting to speak of the major powers of influence that the media has upon major cases like his one is similar, if not, the same amount of distribution as checks and balances do have between the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government. His nomination to the Supreme Court has shocked many and even shed light upon the many lies and other factors taken into consideration after his nomination to a higher power.

    Arturo Flores

    The episode of “The Daily” was very interesting listening to how their methods and way of thinking applies to the modern political battlefield. Bringing up the dead chicken strategy seemed ridiculous especially when they want to apply it to the democrats views on Trump and this request for impeachment. This podcast has sparked an interest for further views on politics, I do find it a little absurd when in the interview Mike Davis thinks the claims against Trump are not evidence based or that people should just accept the fact that he was sworn in by the people I personally think he was voted for by a certain kind of people who do not take into account everyone and who voted for someone who would put the ball into their court and leave everyone else with nothing.

    Escarlen Ibadango

    “The Daily” podcast is based on the issues that we are facing today politically. In the episode of “Republicans’ ‘Dead Chicken’ Strategy on Impeachment”, Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebin, discuss the management that Mike Davis is “taking upon the wage cultural war of conservatives”. They use the interview as a form to get a background of where he is coming from and intend that he has towards the right side. Davis has always supported the conservative side from his childhood and could be more seen as one when he supported Brett Kavanaugh. As he kept on pushing for him to receive a fair trial at the Supreme Court. On his belief that the trial of Kavanaugh was not being fair for him to work towards an effort to rely on the conservationists to back up his beliefs. In this case he focuses more on the flaws that Democrats have and uses it against them since presenting both sides to the argument could be a controversy. In which could be beneficial to the conservationist to find all the flaws that the Democrats have for them not find anything to fight against. Therefore, depicts the controversies that occur on politics and what they use to fight for what they think could be right for them.

    Nathaly Castillo

    After listening to this podcast several times, I found this story really interesting. At first I was confused about the “dead chicken” part of the title but after I finished the podcast, the strategy is very clear. In this podcast, Michael Barbaro, Kate Kelly, and Robin Pogrebin, review Robin’s interview with Mike Davis who they said was the “center of everything” during Justice Kavanaugh’s  scandal. Mike Davis revealed how he found himself a republican due to his belief that Democrats only increased “inter-generational poverty” rather than help. He stood by Justice Kavanaugh’s side during his allegations and believed America became a “me too” society, meaning that people forgot about innocence before proven guilty. He developed his “dead chicken” analogy from Justice Clarence Thomas, which I find is very unique. This analogy is from when Justice Clarence grew up on a farm, and the dos who killed chicken’s would have those chickens wrapped around them to rot and the rotten smell would in return have them lose their taste for chicken. Davis applied this analogy to liberals who told lies and how they need to lose their taste for political wars. I personally do not agree with this particular analogy because I don’t think Democrats are the ones who always start “political war”, both democrats and republicans have their role in “political war. Davis believes that democrats should just deal with president Trump being the president and that democrats should just focus on the bigger picture. I also do not agree with this very much because democrats represent their voters as well s republics represent their voters and if the people don’t want trump as their president then democrats should keep pushing for impeachment with proper reason. However I have to admit, I do like his description and analogy of his “dead chicken” strategy.


    This episode, ” The Daily ” is about a political view and discusses the strategy of impeachment. Mike Davis was interviewed by the reporters Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebin. The whole strategy is about appointing Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Mike Davis, accused Kavanaugh as a victim without any fair trial so that it gets an easy way to impeach Trump through him. He also discussed his relation between Neil Gorsuch. They both believe in the same political statements. The ”Dead Chicken Strategy ” is to find flaws of Democrats and point out their defect to impeach them. I believe this podcast helped me to understand the political issues that are is very important to political pros and cons

    Arijit Saha

    The podcast from the daily Republicans “dead chicken” strategy is very interesting. Mike Davis talks about the dead chicken strategy of the republicans. Also the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh surprised many. As they are talking about how the Kavanuagh strategy worked they are asking the question about how it that working for the Trump administration as the democrats are pushing for Trumps impeachment. The allegations made against trump are not even close to the reasons for a president to be impeached. Both parties have their fair share in the ” political war” I find this podcast very intriguing, the whole concept is not very clear to me, but I liked it. I was able to get alot of information about the inside and outside stories of poilitics which everyone shpuld be aware of.


    My thoughts on The podcast “The Daily” discussing the episode “Republicans’ ‘Dead Chicken’ Strategy on Impeachment” are confusing. I’m not really into politics and im kinda lost in what was happening on the episode. I get the part where Davis talks about Kavanuagh having his family and career ruined because someone in the senate I believe is putting him through more trouble than what he has caused. He is having his named ran through mud and they haven’t provided him with a fare trial but why is Davis accusing Dr.Ford of lying is he is not 100% of that? If somehow someway he is wrong, that could make the situation for him worst. I tried listening to the podcast again and again but Im still confused. Politics is not my strong subject but the podcast did leave me with some insight on the situation in which I was clueless about.

    Ange Louis

    After listening to the podcast, I had mixed feelings and it definitely opened my eyes to the types of people we have in our government. With the whole Judge Kavanuagh situation, it just shows people are willing to throw away human decency and understanding to get what they want. The conservatives wanted him as a judge so badly that they were willing to discredit the young lady’s story as much as possible, almost as if they wanted to make her look bad instead of finding out what really happened. I also feel like there is something harsh of the dead chicken strategy. The idea that democrats need to feel what it’s like to have horrible accusations thrown at you to make them stop, drawing the parallel of putting a dead chicken around a dog’s neck to make it stop liking chicken. In terms of the impeachment, I feel like there is no correlation between a sexual assault case that happened in high school making it understandable if some details are hazy and the impeachment of Donald Trump which has a transcript of his phone call to Russia and a whistleblower. I have now realized that now politics is more about getting what you want by any means necessary instead of using facts and logic to make something happen or putting yourself in other’s shoes to see why they may think a certain way.

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