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    My topic was about teenager abuse drug and I choose this topic because I can relate to that problem. Nowadays drug is a serious problem and it’s getting worst day by day. When I was researching drugs, I found out the main reason for a teenager getting addicted to the drug. Most of the teenager are using drug and drinking alcohol to help them reduce their anxiety. And how this generation kids are growing up with wiser knowledge about drugs and the rate of taking drugs and drinking alcohol increasing every day. So, parents and teachers should be more cautious about this problem. The questions that I want to explore on is
    How can I help my friends who are addicted to a drug?
    Does drug and drinking help reduce anxiety?
    What is the leading cause of the maximum percentage of teenagers getting involved in drugs?
    I want to explore these questions in my research and get to know about this problem more since the problem is getting worst day by day.

    Ahmed Iftiak

    My topic is about Deforestation. Global Warming is a serious threat for our world, one of the causes of Global Warming is Deforestation and Global Warming also cause Deforestation. Since hotter weather can lead wildfire like recently occur in the amazon, causing more forest to be distorted. I wanted to learn about what are the real cause of the deforestation,  human involvement and its effects on the world as well as on the society. Now I want to learn how can we stop Deforestation and Global Warming. What are some possible solutions to prevent deforestation. Stopping deforestation will have a positive impact on Global Warming. My research questions are

    • What are some possible solutions for Deforestation and outcomes ?
    • How reducing Deforestation will decrease Global Warming ?
    • Human and government involvement  in deforestation?

    I want to explore these because as a human we are reasonable for our deeds and we need to fix our mistake that we cause unintentional or because of our careless intuitions. I also want to know about  why some people are doing this on purpose, only for money.

    Sabrina Persaud

    <p class=”p2″><span class=”s1″>The topic of nature vs nurture interested me since I was first introduced to it. I feel like it’s been mentioned every year in a class and put up for discussion. I think it represents a rhetorical situation well, just because it’s quite literally a series of conversations debating whether nature or nurture is more dominant. The research I’ve conducted has demonstrated that the debate has transformed from “nature is more important that nurture” and vice versa to “nature and nurture are directly related and here’s how.” Because it’s so heavily incorporated with behavior analysis and psychology, I think it’s a debate that many people can see within themselves. I also find it interesting because there’s a clear drive to find the answers as to why we are the way we are. The skeptic in me sometimes asks why does there have to be an answer? Why isn’t the bottom line that we act the way we do just because? I think a part of me wanted to be proven wrong whilst researching the topic. </span></p>

    Tatiana Lema

    My topic is sexual abuse and I came to choose this topic because of the relative amount of people that have confided in me with their stories. I want to be able to be informed about the ongoing situation that has many people struggle in their daily lives because of trauma. Looking further into the topic I was surprised to learn so much of how the victims of such abuse go through certain situations that no one should be going through whether their experience was severe or not. My following research question, although not solidified, goes as follows: In what ways can there be accessible resources for everyone including men women and children to allow for preventive means or a healing process? I feel this would allow me to educate others in a productive way and allow room for readers seeking help to spread the word.

    salwa rahman

    Deforestation is an issue which is not paid much mind to, and this is why I chose to write about it. I’ve written about many other topics, and I realized that I have never written about something that plays a major role in contributing to the climate crisis. I want to further inquire on this topic because I want to break it down to its roots, and figure out how deforestation really affects us. I want to learn if it is really as big of an issue as many may say, and I also want to learn about how severe it is today.  Deforestation is an issue which may not directly affect us right now, but it will one day, and I just want to learn more about it.

    My questions  are:

    1. Of what significance does deforestation hold in terms of the climate crisis?

    2. Is human action the main cause of deforestation?

    3. What actions can conservation agencies and federal agencies take in order to suppress or slow down  global deforestation?

    These questions are very similar, but they do require me to research different aspects of deforestation, such as how big of a role it has on the climate crisis currently going on, what agencies can do to fix the issue, and if humans are the main cause of it. I chose these questions because I believe they are very important to be answered in order to create a better understanding of the topic. I am not quite sure which one I will be using,  but I do know that I really want to dig deeper into this topic. We all know deforestation is terrible, but do we really know what it truly consists of? Do we know how it really affects us? Do we know  how we can stop it? I cannot answer these questions myself, and that is why I feel such an urge to conduct research on at least one!

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    Arijit Saha

    My topic for the research was the move from gasoline power to electric power. As technology is advancing everything being powered by electricity is becoming a reality. What inspired me to do research about this topic is the environmental changes, burning fossil fuels is one of the biggest causes of changing environment. Fuel is also a non renewable energy and it is expensive to import. All these reasons makes me believe that moving to electric power should be the way to the future. I am personally a fan of electric powered vehicles. Being a car enthusiastic I know how expensive it is to run gasoline powered vehicles. As I drive around the streets of New York I notice the growing number of electric vehicles on the streets. So electric cars are really the future of automobile, they save money as well as the environment. My research questions are

    1. How does the move to electric power help the environment in general?

    2. How much money does electrical vehicles save compared to gasoline powered vehicles?

    3. How could more people be convinced to buy electric cars?

    I chose these questions because the answers to these questions will give people a general idea about the move from gasoline power to electric power and show how it is beneficial to the environment.

    Wyatt Kuebler

    My topic is global warming. I have chosen this to be my topic because in recent times the temperature of the earth has been raising at a rate which is very concerning for the ecosystems of the world. This topic has been heavily debated before and no real solution has been had of it. The question I have for this topic is

    What are the solutions to global warming? And if there are any why are they not being done?

    This question is important because it is very easy to say that you have solutions for an issue, but without any proof of change nothing is going to get better and the world will be damaged beyond repair.

    Nika Medilishi

    My topic is about Club life in the younger generation and the drug addiction that comes with it. I chose this topic because I believe it is a very common problem that people face. Drug addiction is a severe issue and one of the most relevant topics in the modern world. Though I have chosen my general questions about the topic, I still have to figure out what the main question will be. – How does rave/clubbing affect the younger generation? How do drugs influence the younger generation?  These are my two general questions that my essay will be based on, but I have to narrow it down to one main question that I will use to research.

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